Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Um, there's more....

And in today's mail, we have 490g of Kauni, to make this gorgeous sweater. There's a knitalong for it, too. This yarn came all the way from Germany in 8 days.

The June sock kit from Susan's Spinning Bunny, containing a beautiful merino/tencel blend in a color called "roses for you".

4 oz. each White and Ebony Zephyr from theknitter.com. These are my options for MysteryStole3, along with bead options. The first clue for the stole will be posted this Friday, June 29th!

The Kauni has been wound into large cakes (six inch ruler included for scale). I used a regular-size ball-winder, but had to gently pull the metal guide away from the ball toward the end.

In yesterday's comments, Cindy asked, "Now, is this stash in addition to other stash, or is this your almost total stash? Or is it your only stash?" I actually have a shamefully large amount of yarn. Most of it was acquired with specific projects in mind, but I bought faster than I could knit, and it seems I have not managed to stop. I think I will have to knit 24 hours a day from now till I'm 99 to use it all. And there are two more orders on their way, but I think that's all... I'm pretty sure....

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Carie said...

Don't you just love the way Kauni looks all skeined up? I had mine sat on my coffee table just to look at before I could get around to winding it into a ball. I'm loving knitting my version at the moment and trying not to think too hard about the steeks!