Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Well, that can't be good

We heard a loud crashing noise on Saturday, and looked out to see this:

There's a tractor, baler, and mower under there somewhere. I called the after-hours claims department for the insurance. One of their local offices just got their electricity back yesterday, and I'm sure there are people with much more pressing concerns. We have a roof over our heads, lost power for only two hours Tuesday evening. Today is snow day #6 from this storm. We'll be in school till the 4th of July at this rate. Not really -- at some point the state "forgives" the missed days. There were several days after the storm with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but there is still a lot of snow/ice on the ground. Nighttime temperatures are in the 20s or below, and today, despite beautiful sunshine, the air temp is 25 degrees F.

Another oops:
Right there in the middle of the picture, I somehow created another stitch. Nothing to do but rip. Fortunately, my felted joins held, and I wound up (!) with a big ball of yarn. It didn't seem to take as long to re-knit as it had taken to knit to that point in the first place. I'm not sure what the wonkiness is in the picture below (left side), but I think it will work itself out in blocking. This is Wenlan Chia's Lacy Chunky Throw (in Classic Elite's Web Letter issue 63). I am using Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend, a now-discontinued yarn I originally bought to make a sweater from Vogue Knitting several years ago. I can't find the issue with the pattern right now. The sweater wasn't flattering, so I have been looking for a project for this yarn ever since I ripped the sweater out. My throw is 84 stitches wide instead of 76, which will make it about 60" wide. I have lots of yarn. I'm just going to knit till I run out of yarn.