Thursday, January 29, 2009

Days like this...

...make me appreciate my handknit wool socks!

This mess started Monday evening as a "wintry mix". It continued all day Tuesday, as I began to wonder how there could be that much water in the sky. Sometime late Tuesday, it turned into snow, and we woke up Wednesday to about 2 1/2" of snow on top of at least 4 or 5 inches of icy stuff.

Those wool socks came in handy this afternoon (this is snow day #3 so far this week) when we thought we'd venture out from behind the hill -- our road going out is uphill for about 1/4 mile, then back down about the same distance. The 16 y/o had gotten out earlier in the big pickup, using 4WD, and gone in to town to retrieve the mail. He had a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, and I had to go with him as he is a minor. Then we were going to do a little grocery shopping. But the truck got stuck on the way out, so we walked back to the house. I got a little bit of snow in my shoes, but thanks to the wool socks, I didn't feel the cold or wet. Used the tractor to get the truck unstuck, and now we are once again just hanging out at home. He has optimistically rescheduled his physical therapy for tomorrow afternoon.

The physical therapy is post-surgical -- he had arthroscopic knee surgery two weeks ago. The doctor wasn't sure what he would find when he got in there -- they were thinking possible meniscal tear, or other possibilities that would require 6 weeks of no weight on that leg. Fortunately, what they found was excess tissue, called a plica, which has been removed. He is already walking on that leg. He got a cane, partly because the crutches were rubbing his upper arms raw, and partly because he wants to be Dr. House.

Knitting is sporadic. I am up to my ears in school stuff, to include prom planning and fundraising. My Ravelry pages are probably the easiest place to keep up with my projects. It's taken me 3 snow days just to get caught up enough with life to do a blog post.

I hope everyone out there is staying safe & warm. Feel especially grateful if you weren't in the path of this winter storm. I'm having some doubts that we'll even be able to go back to school Monday, but we shall see.