Thursday, November 01, 2007

I did it, and I'm not sorry

I took a deep breath and had my little frogging party last night. The best part was that all of my felted joins held, and I have one big ball of black yarn, instead of several smaller ones. I went down 2 needle sizes (from 10.5 down to 9) and cast on again. The only problem I foresee now is that I'm likely to be a little compulsive about knitting this until it gets back to the length it was before frogging.

No school today, as there is a boil water order in our little town today. There was a leak in a water main, and they were working on it yesterday, leaving the town without water for several hours. We got out of school an hour early because there was no water at school (hand sanitizer in the bathrooms, because they can't wash their hands; toilets can't be flushed, etc.). The water is back on, but the system needs to be flushed so the water is safe to drink & wash hands.

So it will be an errand day. My car needs an oil change. There are various specialty light bulbs in the house that need replacing (my Ott Lite bulb, a circular fluorescent in the kitchen). I need patty paper and a hanging file frame for school.