Saturday, April 14, 2012

Que sera, sera

Another new project: the Que Sera cardigan from Knitty. Knitting ADD, much?  Sheri from The Loopy Ewe presented her 2nd quarter challenge, which is to knit adult socks, a sweater or a vest with a yarn that has cotton in it. There was about a week at the end of March where you could get 20% off the yarn you were going to use for the challenge. So I'm making a very girly pink lacy cardigan.  I was going to try to add some waist shaping, similar to the way it's done in the February Fitted Pullover, but I decided I'm not that ambitious. I am rather short in the torso area, so I am making the length of the sizes xs & small, but the circumference of the size large. This is the easiest way to adjust the buttonhole placement, as the front bands are knitted at the same time as the body of the sweater.

Start of Que Sera

One lace repeat

The Perfect Raglan is nearly finished. I am working on the buttonhole bands, but since I do not have buttons, I am more or less stuck until I find some. The buttonholes need to be created to fit the buttons. This will be on hold until I am able to shop for buttons. (One disadvantage to rural living -- shopping options are a bit limited.)

Apparently I haven't taken a picture since the sleeves were finished.

Perfect fit raglan

Lace edging