Saturday, August 26, 2006


So I dug out a WOOP (work out of progress, thank you Sheri, for the new acronym), and started to work on it. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay. Here's the pattern:
It was copyrighted in 1997, written by Anne Simpson. I can't find any links to it where it might be currently available. I probably bought it about the time it came out, and started working on it. As you can see, it was intended to be a block of the month. The patterns for the 12 squares are on colored cardstock. I have them all in a neat little envelope:

The first 4 squares have been done for years.
I'm not really sure why I stopped, why this project has been in time-out so long. I have all the remaining colors. Each square takes most of a skein of Manos. I think I was having gauge issues. I do remember having to re-do the square with the staghorn cables, and running out of yarn before I got to the required length on one of the other squares. They're supposed to be 13" squares. They are 13" wide, but only about 12" tall. I'm hoping they'll block out ok.
The new square has cable panels:

I just wanted to work on something different, and hadn't done anything like this in a long time. So we'll see how this goes.
And just because I know you were biting your nails, worrying about the yarn from the previous post, I did get the tangles out, and rewound it. Lost only about 10 yards, all from the outside of the ball. The "lost" yarn is in 5 pieces of varying lengths.

Now, go check out Sheri's new online sock yarn store, The Loopy Ewe. She's got some great stuff!

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Theresa said...

When Yarn Goes Bad . . . .
I know it well! I'm sure the yarn MADE the dog do it. Just like my yarn enticed the Roomba into swallowing it whole. I like the new/old project, and was glad to see someone else has projects that are "years" in the making!