Friday, August 03, 2007

Done, done, done!

All done with my Geometry course! The final exam has been completed and posted. I'm so relieved, I considered a little yarn-shopping reward. Then I realized we usually reward academic performance, not just survival. I have an A in the course so far, but that's without 2 of the 4 tests graded, the big software project, the paper we wrote over a month ago, and a dozen or so homework assignments. Wonder when the course grades are supposed to be posted.

I have enrolled in a Fall semester course -- one of those I need for Alternative Certification. It's called Teaching Reading in Secondary School. I will be teaching math, but it looks like everyone has to take this.

I went by the school to pick up the teacher's editions of the textbooks I'll be using -- 4 big heavy books. And yes, I will be teaching Geometry, but I expect there's a world of difference between high school geometry and the brain wrenching course I just finished. I just don't remember yelling at my geometry homework in high school (of course, that was in 9th grade, which was ... um, 30 years ago, and memories can fade).

So, my poor little Inside Out sock got frogged back to before the heel. I originally took out 8 rows, then decided to err on the side of caution and reknitted 3 rows before re-doing the heel and the 25 rows of the leg I'd already done. It's better, maybe still a little loose, but that gives it a little room in case it shrinks in the wash, right?

The new clue is out for MS3. If I'd had time to work on it this past week, I would have stopped at row 286 instead of doing 287, inserting a lifeline, and completing the clue, which ends at row 335. But I'm still on row 230. The 5th clue takes us off in a bit of a new direction, which has nonplussed and disconcerted a number of people. I think some people expressed disappointment with the "wing" before they had any idea what it was going to look like. It's not really anything weird, just a diagonally knitted triangle attached to the end with short rows. The stole will not be symmetrical, but it won't look kooky either.

We have acquired a Wii -- our college daughter bought it today, her last day of work. She's headed back to school next Friday & wanted something to play with, I guess. I think she's justifying it as a birthday present for her dad (whose b'day is over 2 weeks away), but they've got it set up and they're playing with it now.

Looking forward to a relaxing, no geometry weekend!


cindy said...

What a relief to be done with the class. I'm certain you did well if you have an A right now. I gave up on the MS3 because my stole was too narrow, so I'm going to work on the Wing 'o the Moth shawl. I actually wanted a shawl not a stole at this juncture. Have a terrific weekend and give the Wi a try, it's fun.

Kathleen said...

Ah, geometry - my only C in high school (and really it was just one quarter - got a B over all). I just didn't like all those postulates and theorems and memorizing and justifying the angles and such. Glad you survived the College edition! Be patient with the HSers that just don't get it, 'kay? :)

I'm winging the stole... the whole thing is new to me so I'm not at all disappointed in the turn of events. Of course, the fact that I am still on Clue 1 helps! ;)

Opal said...

Congratulations on finishing the class! Hooray!

I started the wing last night and I'm not too weirded out by the whole thing. In fact, I'm more intrigued by the whole construction. I've never had such an elaborate usage of short rows in a shawl before. So it's been fun!