Tuesday, July 31, 2007


As it turns out, what looked like light at the end of the tunnel was really the headlight of an oncoming train, in the form of a ginormous final exam, posted today, due Friday by midnight. The good news is that the test originally due tonight is now due Thursday. Uh, what?

I'm going to go have lunch with the women from my Sunday School class, and then I'm going to come home and be a geometry head student. I got through the heel of my Inside Out sock, then did the 1st 25 rows of the leg. It's looking good, but I think the foot is a little long. I think I'm going to leave it that way, though. Or not. I just tried it on again, and it looks like I can pinch 8 -10 extra rows at the tip of the toe. Rats rats rats. Can't even operate a ruler.

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Opal said...

Sounds like life has suddenly gotten topsy turvy for you. Hang on tight, things will get better!

I know how you feel about the sock. I bound off on a shawl then realized that the only thing it was fit for was a small toddler. Some days the knitting just doesn't want to cooperate.