Saturday, July 15, 2006

And another thing...

There has been knitting, in a rather haphazard, short-attention-span style.

The color blox sox are done, and I made a little friend to go with them. Mini sock blocker from Felt-up designs.

I finished the front of Sizzle, and started the back. I chickened out on the deep V, and started it about the same time I started the armholes. See the hourglass shaping?

The yarn I ordered for the Bazaar Socks arrived, so I started those. They are kicking my backside. They start toe-up, with a short-row toe. No problem. But they also have a vertical stripe: 1 stitch of color A, 1 stitch of color B, repeat to end of row. I spent about 3 days knitting the toe, ripping it out, knitting it again, and finally just decided to go with the 7th or 8th version, and continue with the next band of pattern. It's not pretty.

In frustration, I started an easier sock, the Rock & Weave pattern from the Socks that Rock club's May shipment. They start with a sideways cuff in linen stitch, which is easy. I like the "wrong side" (picture on right) better than the "right side" (picture on left).

As long as I was winding the yarn for the Rock & Weave socks, I decided I might as well wind the yarn for Mystery Stole 2. It's dark brown laceweight from I haven't cast on yet, but at the rate I'm going, that'll happen soon.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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Diane said...

I think sizzle looks great without the deep V neck. The shaping looks fantastic.