Monday, January 18, 2010


Or, you just might use that math you learned in high school.

I am currently working on the Tudor Grace pattern by Anne Hanson. It is the January KAL project for The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling. I was fortunate enough to get a spot at this year's Fling, to be held April 22-25 in St. Louis. I didn't get to go last year, but I did attend the first one the year before. I was the last person to arrive, Friday evening. This time, I'm skipping school on Friday and going to St. Louis on Thursday evening.

Back to the title of the post: the pattern calls for 43 6-row repeats. I would like to use as much of my yarn as possible. So I have been weighing the yarn ball & counting the number of repeats that I have completed. Using proportions, I can figure out how many more repeats I should be able to do.

I have been teaching proportions recently, in fact, in one of the courses I teach. Now, when students ask when they're ever going to use this, I'm just not sure the knitting-to-the-end-of-the-yarn example is going to do anything for them. Probably just result in a bunch of blank stares.

My yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Lenore colorway.
The scarf is now about three times the length shown in this picture.

I meant to do 2 6-row repeats per day, so I would finish well before the end of January, but I'm behind already! It's still do-able, though.

I just realized this picture was taken one morning after the chocolate lab puppy had apparently tried to knit while I was asleep. She chewed the cable of my needle in two. I repaired it with electrical tape. Not a good repair, but I'm knitting back-and-forth, so it hasn't really affected me. I will probably never be able to use this needle for a circular project again, though. The bit of yarn above the needle in the picture was very stiff and smelled like dog breath. I removed it.

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