Monday, January 29, 2007

She is DONE!

Leda's Dream is finally finished. While she is bathing in Soak, I have made preparations for her blocking. Loaded the woodstove, carried in more wood to feed the stove for the next several hours, as the most direct route from the wood pile to the stove would take me directly over the living room rug where the stole will be blocking, and we wouldn't want to try to step over the stole balancing a huge chunk of wood and dropping wood debris on the floor. Sent the dogs outside, vacuumed & Febreze'd the rug. I'll lay a sheet on the rug before I put the stole down.

The smell of woodsmoke in the cold air outside reminds me of the little town in the Italian Alps where I learned to ski in 6th grade (um, 33 years ago -- yikes!). Just one of the perks of growing up as an Army brat. We lived in Italy for 3 years, a couple of blocks from the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, in a little town named Tirrenia.

Finally got the College Girl back to school last week. They had an extended semester break because of the ice storm that came through on the 12th. There was so much damage and power outages were so widespread that the University, which had originally scheduled Spring semester classes to begin on the 16th, closed for an extra week. Classes started last Monday (1/22) instead.

Here she is, modeling the scarf I mentioned in the last post:

A closeup of the scarf:

Pattern: My So-called Scarf
Yarn: I'm not sure which yarn -- possibly the handspun bulky. The color is "shells", which doesn't appear to exist anymore. I was quite pleased with the patterning -- it just happened, and even continued when I joined the second skein. You can see in the photo above, however, that there was a segment (below her left hand) that didn't pattern like that. C'est la vie.


Vanessa said...

Wow! That patterning came out totally awesome!

Jenn said...

Yes, the patterning is amazing!