Saturday, January 13, 2007

Making progress

I have managed to keep up with my decision to do 10 rows a day on Mom's stole, and have just finished the 4th of 5 chart repeats. Each repeat is 84 rows, so I'll be done in something over a week! There are about 20 rows after I complete the charts, plus some edging, so it'll be several extra days, but the end is in sight!

I have been working on other things, as well. I thought my daughter would like the Calorimetry headband from, so on a recent trip to St. Louis, I investigated a yarn shop called Kirkwood Knittery (no website), and found some lovely yarn made by Malabrigo. But since I was too lazy to check the yarn requirements for the pattern, I bought the wrong weight of yarn. No problem -- I'm a smart girl; I can do math. I did my calculations and started the headband. Didn't take too long, and I had plenty of yarn. When it was done, I had the Princess try it on, and we decided it needed to be narrower and shorter. I frogged it and started over -- 64 sts on size 13 needles for the Malabrigo gruesa, a chunky weight yarn with a gauge of 2.25 sts/inch. I modified the short rows, too, because the turning holes were way too big with this yarn, so I left one as the pattern says to do it, which is now the buttonhole, and I wrapped & turned the rest of them. I repeated the short rows until there were 14 stitches on each end and 36 in the middle, then short-rowed back up to 64 and bound off. It's still pretty wide, but she seems to like it.

I made one for me out of Malabrigo aquarella, but decided I'd rather make some fingerless mitts out of it. I made these up as I went -- they're very quick & easy.

I also made a scarf for the Princess, but haven't gotten any pictures of it yet, so maybe that will give me a reason to blog tomorrow, hmm?

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Tina said...

I absolutely love this fingerless mitt - great yarn in colour and structure!