Saturday, December 02, 2006

Decisions, decisions

I am faced with a bit of a dilemma -- too much Christmas gift knitting! I don't know what came over me this year. Most of it is smaller stuff that can be done rather quickly. Then I have one big project that I actually started in June, didn't finish in time for Mom's birthday in mid-July, and thought surely I had plenty of time to finish it by Christmas. It sat untouched from sometime in early July till just a couple of days ago. If I'd actually done just a couple of rows a day during all that time, I'd be [hmm, where's the calculator? Oh... it looks like I'd have about 30 more rows to do, instead of 300] a lot closer to having it finished. As it is, I calculated the other day that I need to do about 20 rows a day. No problem! Except that a row seems to take about 10 minutes.

So, the decision I'm wrestling with is: do I work on the smaller projects, and do Mom's stole after I finish the other stuff, or do I work on Mom's stole and not get to the other stuff at all? I'm working on one of the smaller projects now, so I guess that's the direction I've decided to go. I've already moved any knitted gifts for members of my immediate household to the end of the queue (and yes, Princess, that includes household members who are off at college but will be home in a couple of weeks, and not going back until the middle of January).

I could do a couple of rows on Mom's stole each day, but concentrate on getting the other projects done. I hope Mom won't be too disappointed -- there is some (very slim) chance that I could get all of this done in the next 22 days. Who knows?


mf said...

a few rows each night is good, you'd be surprised at what you can acomplish!

hmm I've already told my MIL her gift will be late....You could give a card or porinted couple for one stole and pictures of your WIP as you go along like alittle book up to the point just before Christmas

Marly said...

Crazy how Christmas just sneaks up before you know it huh? I think you are doing the right thing. Finish the smaller projects first and maybe throw on more in there for your mom in case you don't get the stole done in time.

As for working on the Stole, I am with MF, you will be surprized how much you can get done by just doing a little bit each day. I have faith in you :-)