Friday, May 05, 2006


This is a test post to see what happens when I post to my blog using email.

Theresa is right, I should be cleaning. My firstborn, the Princess, is graduating from high school next Friday, and there will be people here! And this house is way more than 15 minutes from being company-ready. There are piles of books, magazines, knitting patterns, yarn & roving everywhere. (Have I mentioned there's a spinning wheel that lives here, too? I got it in February of 2005, and I haven't gotten past making fairly bulky yarn yet. Actually, the plan was to spin enough natural-colored bulky yarn to make the "Great Garter Stitch Blanket" from the Winter '94-'95 Vogue Knitting. It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern done with mitered corners and looks pretty cool. It requires about 4 lbs of yarn, so I have a lot of spinning to do!
Instead of cleaning, I am working on those STR socks in the Cedar Creek pattern. I have about 1 3/8" of foot to do before I make the (short-row) heel. Then I can knit the legs until I run out of yarn.
I also made a couple of gauge swatches for the Oregon Shawl in the lovely laceweight worsted-spun Cormo I got from Elsa Sheep & Wool Co.. I'm not planning to start this shawl right away, though. I was just... I'm waiting on some yarn I ordered to make the EZasPi Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery Pi Shawl. They've already posted 3 sets of clues! I'm hoping the yarn will be here today.

[So, what happens when you email your post is that it gets saved as a draft and you can go in and edit the html, and add pictures if you have any. There may be a way to do that part from the email program, too, but this works for me.]


Ginger said...

Cleaning or knitting socks . . umm . . . no contest in my book. Heck you've got a whole week to clean. ;-)

Theresa said...

I'm sure you're not reading this because you're busy shoving yarn and books under beds and in closets. Because you know, you really can't clean that stuff. And don't feel bad about not getting past the spinning bulky yarn stage. I had my wheel for about 5 years before I even bought any fiber! When the time was right, it was right!
Enjoy the graduation, and don't start crying when they play "Pomp and Circumstance". Gets me worse than the bridal march!