Friday, April 14, 2006

One sock done

Not much to see here. I finished one of the socks from the Red Cross kit. The leg is the same length as my husband's "real" Army socks. The yarn is quite nice; it seems to be fingering weight. The pattern gauge is 7 sts and 9 rows to the inch. I'm using US 1 needles, and I'm not getting gauge -- more like 7.5 sts and 10 rows to the inch. I wouldn't want to try a larger needle, as the sock would be too flimsy. I think the pattern must have been meant for a heavier yarn, like sport weight. In fact, one version of the pattern specifies 14/4 wool, and when I did a search for "14/4 yarn", everything that came up said sport weight. Strike two for the folks who put the kit together (the 3.75 mm needles, US size 5, that came with the kit being the first strike).
My Mystery Shawl 3 has progressed through row 134; 46 rows (rounds) to go. By my calculations, I've done 24 rounds in 10 days. Not too impressive. The EZasPi group posted the first clues to the Knit Your Own Adventure Mystery Pi shawl last night (um, I think I was up too late, actually, and I'm doing it again, still on the computer). I haven't even figured out which yarn I want to use, and the first clues shouldn't take too long to do, so I can catch up.

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Theresa said...

Computer addiction. I know it well! Why is it that the later it gets, the harder it is to shut down??? The socks look so professional! I really liked the cute packaging of the Red Cross socks, but now I'm glad I didn't succumb!