Sunday, March 11, 2012

Take Two

I restarted my Perfect Raglan cardigan today, for several reasons:
1. I forgot to subtract 2 stitches from the back neck cast-on to compensate for the raglan eyelets.
2. My crochet cast-on seemed way too loose. This cardigan will get a button band, but I don't think the back neck would ever lay quite right. So I switched to long-tail cast-on.
3. I decided to do the v-neck increases as specified in the lessons, rather than doing them my way. I think they have the same name, but I was doing M1R and M1L by lifting the side of the next/previous stitch, instead of lifting the bar between the stitches and twisting it right or left. Looking at both versions, I'm not sure it makes much difference.

How am I able to look at both of them? I didn't rip out version one yet.  I just found another set of size 6 needle tips and a cable, and started a whole new sweater with a new ball of yarn. It made me feel better -- if the new cast-on hadn't made a difference, then I would have only a little bit of time invested & could have picked up where I left off on the first version. As it is, I think version two is the one I will use, and version one can be ripped out now.

And the ADD continues. I found another Craftsy course, Rigid Heddle Weaving, and signed up for half-price. I do not own a rigid heddle loom, but I am thinking about getting one. My husband walked by while I was watching one of the video lessons and asked, "Why are you learning about that?" Uh, because ... (that always used to get me in trouble with my parents; it's still not a good answer).

And I have just discovered Fleegle's blog, thanks to Wendy. Catching up with older posts, I was reminded about The Queen Susan Shawl, which is a really amazing collaborative effort, and a free pattern. Now I'm thinking about getting yarn for that. Fleegle happens to have just the thing in her Etsy shop.  Hmmm...

(Somebody stop me! Maybe I'm just delirious from Daylight Savings Time induced sleep deprivation. Yeah, that's it.)

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