Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"This never happens here"

Here's what my morning looked like:

This picture was on the homepage of the Des Moines Register for awhile this morning. We're here for a conference my husband is attending. The text below was a hotlink to the article on the site. Heavy rains caused flash flooding, which in turn caused a storm drain to collapse. My car has been towed, and will likely be totalled. The water was up over the hood at one point.

D.M. swamped after a.m. downpour

• Power is out for many in Des Moines and streets are swamped with this morning's sudden rainfall. Morning traffic was locked up on a number of metro-area arteries. Part of an Urbandale parking lot is now a sinkhole after a storm sewer collapsed.

And how's your day going?

Knitting content (!):
I started the Mr Greenjeans sweater on the trip up here (about 8 hours in the car), and it's about 1/4 done. Or, I'm about done with the 1st of 4 balls of yarn. I hope I'm at least 1/4 done! As usual, I have left home without the thing that lets the computer read the camera card, so the pics are stuck in the camera for now.


Cindy said...

Oh, Julie!! I'm so very sorry about your car. Iowa and northern Illinois have been hammered in the past three weeks. I'm sorry you got caught in it.

vincent said...

I hope things are back to normal by now...strength and courage! May God bless you and family!



YIKES! Water, water everywhere! Hmmm.... I can't quite compare to your damages, but we have had our share of plumbing problems here in Ohio. Have to replace the flooring and 3 walls in two bathroom due to a long time problem we didn't know existed so we have black mold and water damage to our house:( It seems that the water pressure had been set too high to be blowing out the waterlines. I wished it was our car that was damaged instead of the house in shambles. LOL Hope that all gets back to normal for you and that you are riding in a nice shiney new car:)