Saturday, June 06, 2009

Manos mess

I'm already sorry I dragged this Manos throw out yesterday to try to finish it.

I started looking at the different sizes of squares, and then started counting rows. Out of seven completed squares, 2 have matching row counts. That would be the top one on the left, and the bottom one on the right. Believe it or not, the short squatty square on the bottom left has more rows than any of the others. And the huge light blue square above it has the fewest rows - 12 less than the square below it! I have clearly grown in my knitting and thinking abilities since I started this project a bazillion years ago (seriously, at least 10). How did I think I was going to attach a square with 33 garter ridges to one with 37 garter ridges? Didn't think, that's what. And then, in the middle of my inspection/ridge counting, I found a knot in the middle of the back of the herringbone patterned square (left, second from the top). Why would I have done that? I could have spliced it with a felted join, and just continued knitting like the problem never existed.

I'm trying to decide what to do. I could probably fudge the seams. And the 5 squares that I still have to knit can be knit to match the row counts of the squares beside them. But that knot....

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