Friday, April 06, 2007

Home Again

I have actually been home since Sunday, but busy catching up on reading email & other people's blogs. And then there was the little glitch in getting the pictures off the xD card and onto the computer, but I got that sorted out.
Projects completed while I was away:
The Fleece Artist socks for my daughter, the Princess. Color: Rose; Pattern: Central Air from BlueMoonFiberArts.

Baby Cable Rib socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. Color: Tuscany

I also made a scarf from the Fleece Artist cashmere that had 1st tried to be a Moebius cowl. I'm not too sure about this scarf, either, although it is very soft, warm, and lightweight. Here it is, keeping me warm on a recent chilly morning.

So, where was I? Well, I was here:

And here:

And, well -- this one's a dead give away. I kept it because it's so bad... the person who took it couldn't see the screen on the camera because it was so bright outside, so it's kinda funny.


Cindy said...

OOOOOOH, Italy. You lucky. I have always wanted to go. You will share some more of your pictures won't you? BTW, the socks are gorgeous and the scarf is pretty.

MelissaM said...

Oh, you were in Florence!!! I'm so jealous. Isn't it gorgeous? I swear the colors of the Duomo just do not come through in photographs. Hope you had a wonderful time!!!